The LRA Repeats Attacks on Nimule and Pageri
Shekinah Fellowship June 18, 2008

As many of you know we have been in Southern Sudan for over 10 years
rescuing children of war. Today we received word from one our workers in the
field that the LRA has once again crossed over the Nile River and has begun
attacking villages again. But this time it has hit very close to home. As of
yesterday the LRA has attacked Nimule, the village where our compound,
Children's Village, is located. Reports so far is that the child and workers are
safe. In addition to Nimule the LRA has also attacked the Pageri area. This
may also sound familiar to many of you as this is the very same village where
Rev. Sam Childers, Sebastian Roche of General Hospital, and Zuleikha Robinson, and actress from New York,
just returned from our last rescue at the end of May. At that time they were able
to rescue 15 children but as many of you have heard many were left behind.

Keep in mind that as we slept last night people were being abducted and children were orphaned.
We need men, women, ministries, and organizations to step up to the plate
and decide to committ themselves to this cause. Recently, Brian Moats, a longtime supporter of our ministry
threw us a benefit dinner, many of you receiving this letter were at that event.  
We need all of you and many of our other longtime supporters to step up.
Rev. Sam should not be in the United States raising money, he should be in Sudan fighting
this war right now. There is so much more we can do!
Please contact our organization to find out what you can do.
There should never be children left behind.

Please contact us:
Rev. Sam Childers 814-241-5514
Rev. Michael Bishop 814-421-5659

Shekinah Fellowship and Angels of East Africa * 1-800-757-0535
P.O. Box 131 Central City, PA 15926 *