Creative Evangelism

When people think of evangelism, many immediately envision themselves knocking on doors, walking through crowded malls, or standing in busy downtown areas.  Although door to door and open air evangelism are wonderful ways to share our faith, they are not the only ways.

At Abba Christian Center, we recognize that God has blessed each of us with different personalities and unique giftings.  What may be fun and effective for one person, may be another's worst nightmare.  We should not be limited to a particular strategy or approach in sharing our faith.

Abba Christian Center believes that the skills, desires, and giftings that God has given each of us should be used as resources to edify the church and reach the lost!  We are all different parts of the same body.  Although the body may have a specific destination in mind, each part has its own role in reaching that destination and accomplishing the overall goal of the body.

Sharing your faith and winning people to Jesus can and should be a top priority in your life; it is one of the main goals of the body.  It should not be intimidating, overwhelming, or out of reach for any Christian.  Sharing our faith and winning people to Jesus should be fun, exciting, fruitful, and fulfilling!

The pages that follow are meant to assist you in seeking God's heart concerning His overall plan.  What is God speaking to YOU?  How does the Lord want to use YOU in His overall plan?  The key to success on these pages that follow is not filling in the blanks and following the wisdom of man.  The secret to fruitful soul-winning is in hearing the voice of God and walking out what you hear.

The leadership of Abba Christian Center looks forward to equipping and assisting you in carrying out the destiny that God has for your life.  Come join us on this awesome adventure by clicking on the links below!  We look forward to serving with you in God's end-time harvest!  Be fruitful and multiply!

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