1 Corinthians 3:9
For we are laborers together, with God, according to the grace given to us.
Matthew 9:38
Pray ye therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.

Abba Christian Center is committed to a missions vision.  Ten percent of all funds are apportioned to the missions budget.  Missionaries are supported in Mexico, Africa, Latvia, Croatia and Bosnia, Thailand, China, and to Home missions.  The following are the missionaries that are supported by Abba Christian Center at this time.

Sam Childers, Africa

For more information about Sam Childers and World Missions, visit www.angelsofeastafrica.org

Recent update letter from Sam Childers' ministry

Ed & Judy Black, Bosnia & Croatia

Ed and Judy are based out of Canton, OH, and make monthly trips to the countries of Bosnia and Croatia.  These countries have been evangelized in a minimal way.  However, Ed has a strong evangelistic anointing, and their ministry is flourishing.  They have established the first Christian radio program in these countries and thousands of lives are being changed daily through these programs.  They have had many pamphlets, books, etc. translated into Croatian ... for the first time!  Ed and Judy are also involved in taking believers from the US on short term mission trips to various countries.

The Blacks attended Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They ministered as missionaries in Guatemala for a while before Ed became the Missions Director at their home church in Canton, OH.  They have three children, two daughters and a son.

Dan & Debbie Ecker, Thailand

Dan and Debbie, with their son, Josiah, are presently missionaries in Thailand.  They have a tremendous ministry that involves ministering to pastors, children and also in establishing local churches.  They are involved in a prayer initiative called Operation Kingdom Come that involves many churches.  Their ministry, Firstlight Evangelism, also does extensive work in Cambodia with church leaders.  It has brought forth great fruit for the Kingdom.

Read more about their ministry

Firstlight Evangelism is a servant ministry to churches and existing ministries, bringing fulfillment to the great commission through: Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting.

What's up with the foundation in Thailand? 

It is official!  Firstlight Foundation is now a registered social foundation in Thailand!  We are happy to report to you that the paper work has been approved by the goverment of Thailand and Firstlight Foundation is officially registered as a social foundation in Thailand.

Having a registered social foundation in Thailand enables us to reach into poorer locations around the country in the areas of Education, Health, Economic, Social and Community Development.  Over the past eight years we are learning that we can be effective in representing Christ through the platform of a social foundation as well as through the church.

A Support And Care Ministry Project of Firstlight Foundation in Thailand.  We will begin this program with two families in Chiang Mai helping with educational costs and family support.

Recent update letter from the Ecker's ministry

For further prayer for Thailand, we invite you to visit their website: www.firstlightevangelism.org.

Reverend Bernie & Cathy Gillott, International

Bernie and Cathy are directors of Global Teen Challenge.  They minister a powerful message of freedom through dependence on Christ.  They helped establish indigenous Teen Challenges throughout the world.  Teen Challenge ministers to drug addicts and those who have had a life of crime.  Bernie and Cathy also minister to those enslaved in child prostitution in many countries.

For more information visit their website: www.bgillott.com.

Read more ...

Global Teen Challenge

Our Vision: To facilitate life-transformation for people with life-controlling problems by providing guidance, training, resources, leadership, and cultivating accountability to existing and emerging Teen Challenges worldwide.

Teen Challenge is widely recognized as the largest most successful program of its kind.  Now with over 230 Centers and 180 outreaches in 90 countries with an additional 180 programs in the United States, Teen Challenge provides practical solutions to people with life-controlling problems, primarily drugs and alcohol, through the power of God's love.  For 48 years Teen Challenge has been reaching out with a proven record of changed lives around the world.

Our Mission: Equip, motivate and encourage national pastors, missionaries and laypeople for ministry to people bound by life controlling addictions.

Our Method:

  • Train leaders and staff in Operation, Administration and Ministry
  • Provide teaching and classes in biblical studies
  • Provide fellowship & support between existing centers globally
  • Raise funds to build, renovate and sustain Teen Challenge centers
  • Open new Teen Challenge centers & outreaches worldwide
  • Assist national local pastors and missionaries
  • Recruit future workers and leaders
  • Facilitate short-term missions trips
  • Organize evangelism campaigns
  • Prepare for re-entry

Cheryl Harrison, Latvia

Cheryl is one of the directors at the Youth with a Mission Base in Latvia.  Pastors Mike and Kathy were privileged to be involved in her discipleship when she was at SRU.  Cheryl helps disciple native Latvians and is also involved in going to other countries throughout the world.

Recent update letter from Cheryl

Read more ...

Happenings around the nation of Latvia:  2 discipleship training schools, upcoming church planting and marriage seminars, staff working with public school teachers conferences, and the ongoing ministry and outreach that goes on all year round.

Cheryl: If you haven't experienced the joy of eating wild mushrooms, you are missing out on a wonderful treat!  I get my hands on some and just cook them up in a cream sauce and eat them with boiled potatoes!  Yummy!

I love getting myself involved in various cross denominational projects and committees here.  I have been able to attend national prayer breakfasts, which is a gathering of spiritual, political, business and other leaders ... for food, fellowship and prayer.

I continue to be part of a team preparing for the next Missions Days in Latvia - with a goal to see individuals and churches inspired and informed regarding world missions ... and to help steps be taken towards Latvia's part in this.

We are also continuing to pioneer in various areas.  We really need to see provision for these next steps of establishing a presence in the city.  Till now, the team has mostly just been out there doing stuff (good stuff), but we also see it is time to work together more and draw from each others strengths and giftings ... and still get out there a lot!  We will be working on a creative web page, so when that is ready, I will let you know where to look.  We also are starting to recognize how much we need each other - to support, encourage and pray together ... on our own, we can struggle and falter, but together we can help in each others weaknesses.

I am blessed with so many special people who are so faithful!

Much love,

Chuck & Wendy Lenhart, China

Chuck and Wendy have a ministry to unreached people groups in China.  They primarily minister southeast of Tibet in the city of Chun Ming.  They are involved in establishing house groups and in raising up indigenous pastors through their Bible school.

Short term mission trips

Adventures in Africa!  We have sent one of our own members, Mary Welch, on an amazing adventure on recent crusade trips to Africa with Steve Trullinger/"The Father's Touch" organization.

Mary Welch experienced the Father's Touch as she was able to preach and administer the laying on of hands in an actual slum area of Nairobi, Kenya where a dying baby was restored to health, a blind woman regained her sight, and a huge tumor in another woman's stomach disappeared!

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