We are sharing the following accounts of miracles (all documented) because the Bible in Romans 1:16 shares that the Gospel is the power of God.

So often, the church either negates the reality of God's power through doctrinal misrepresentation, e.g. 'miracles stopped when the last apostle died', or through simply a lack of actual power manifested. One of the main reasons that Abba Christian Center was initiated was to show the true heart of God in power. It broke my heart to see the vast majority of people that were prayed for died, to see sin ravage and divorce so many, with good intentions never realized. In a cry for the Word of God, the heart of God, to really manifest, Abba Christian Center was birthed. Although we have a long way to go, God truly has honored our hearts with true power.

I believe that these testimonies will build your faith and convey to you a degree of that which Abba Christian Center entails.

Romans 1:16 shares that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is backed up with supernatural power. Jesus Christ is the same today as He was when he walked the earth 2,000 years ago. He will be the same tomorrow as He is today. Jesus Christ is alive today! Accordingly He is still doing miracles today. Through God’s grace and mercy, I have been privileged to be used in scores of miracles. In this booklet, I have penned 25 of these miracles, which I believe will both inspire, and encourage you. Truly, He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. He is the author and perfecter of our faith. He is Lord of All!

Pastor Michael Bruno


Born Of A Mother Who Had Spinal Bifida

                The first miracle that I would like to share is my own testimony. My mother was born with spinal bifida. She died at the early age of 42 from complications from this disability. Growing up, she was affected by the disability but did everything she could to conceal it. She wore bows on the back of most of her dresses. She endured physical pain without complaining. In 1953, she married and became pregnant 3 months later. All attending physicians were of the opinion that an abortion was necessary. Now, in 1954, abortions were not the order of the day. However, to spare my mother, the doctors recommended an abortion. This was because the pressure on her spine from the pregnancy would produce such pain that it would be simply unbearable. However, my mother refused to do so. My grand mother (my moms mother) prayed fervently. My grandmother’s life was greatly influenced by Rev. Oral Roberts and she had much of his materials.
            By God’s Grace and mercy, my mother carried to term and delivered a healthy and whole baby. My mother told me that the first thing she did when she held me was to check my spine. Different individuals associated with  the spinal bifida association have shared with me. They stated that they know of no one in my mother’s condition who has successfully carried to term and has given birth. One of my daughters is presently working with the Spinal Bifida association.
             I was with my dad at the time of his death. His last words were “the doctors said that you could never be born, but God gave a miracle”. Truly, his grace and mercy are limitless

Husband & Wife Both Miraculously Healed

          One of the counselors, at the Crisis Pregnancy Center that worked with my wife and I years ago asked me to visit her uncle. He was a farmer in his seventies who had lost his eyesight to the disease myvias grafus. His doctor shared that his lost eyesight would not come back. I went to his home and shared healing scriptures with him and prayed the prayer of faith. Nothing seemed to take place but something did! His wife shared that when they went to bed, a bright glow was all over him that night. In two days, his sight was fully restored and he was out driving his tractor. It has remained this way for many years.
            About a year and a half after this miracle, the wife was in great need. A tumor the size of a football was over her pancreas.  Her prognosis was not good. When I went to her house, her children from South Carolina were present as it was a critical time. After sharing healing scriptures from the bible, she displayed a great faith in the prayer of faith. Reminding me of her husband’s miracle, she eagerly received the prayer of faith and rejoiced. She went on to tell me that I reminded her of her free Methodist pastor in the nineteen thirties.
            When I went home that Friday night, I told my wife that I believed a miracle was in progress. The next morning, when she went into the hospital, she asked the doctors to take another x-ray. This was because she did not feel the pressure that she had been experiencing. The doctors refused the request. However, when they opened her up, the huge tumor was not there. One of the doctors, a member of a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church testified to the miracle that Sunday. I visited this precious saint in the hospital shortly after the miracle. She was sore from being cut, but completely whole.

Wendy’s Story

            In the spring of 2000, I had an experience that prepared the way for my involvement in a glorious miracle. I always share that we are to seek the Word first and not dreams and visions first. However, we are to be open for God to do that which he desires. Well, he gave me a vision!
            In the vision, I saw myself preaching the word and laying hands on the sick. The most striking thing about the vision was, that I smelled the aroma of almonds. The fragrance became stronger the more I ministered the Word. When the vision stopped, I opened my eyes and began to meditate on that which I had experienced. This is when the fragrance of almonds simply flooded the room where I was praying. I was no longer having a vision in the spirit realm; the whole room simply was flooded with the fragrance of almonds! It then gradually lifted.
            That which stuck out to me even more than the fragrance of almonds was the strength of faith that I experienced during this experience. Herein, I was very excited! Almost immediately after this experience, the phone rang. It was a Pastor calling me with an urgent prayer request. His daughter had just been diagnosed with having a form of cancer. God is so precious. Through God’s grace,  (just as in the vision) I was abiding in a profound spirit of faith. Correspondingly, I told the pastor that I could guarantee his daughter’s healing not only one hundred percent, but one thousand percent. I prayed a very strong prayer of faith and he heartily believed. We then rejoiced together. After I got off the phone, the Lord began to give me several verses regarding that which almonds represented Exodus  25:33, 37:19 and Numbers 17:8.




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