Abba Christian Center Worship

Abba is an Aramaic word that means “Father” or “Daddy” and with that intimate attitude we come to Him in worship at Abba.  Worship at Abba is meaningful and purposeful.  It is not just a time to sing hymns, praise songs and worship choruses, but it is a lifestyle to serve God with our attitude, actions, and words.  Worship is not regulated to Sunday mornings or special services, but a daily consecration to our Father God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Why We Worship

We worship God at Abba Christian Center because He is worthy to be honored and praised in spirit and in truth (John 4: 24).  When we sing songs, declare His works, speak His Word and shout His name, we are dangerous against the devil and pleasing toward our God.

In the Old Testament battles, the Lord sent out the worshippers ahead of the battlers to declare His name, the miracles of the past, and the promise of the victory (2 Chronicles 20).  During our worship services, we lift up the Name of Jesus and look to Him as the One who prepares the way for us, His children.

Our songs and worshipful moments are rooted in God’s Word, not emotional peaks or mental ascensions.  We worship, not to serve ourselves, but to honor, adore, and bless our God.  Our Lord is worthy forever!

How We Worship

Worship at Abba may be different from other worship services.  The direction for the service is Spirit-led.  For example, at times the Holy Spirit has changed the songs we are to sing during the service, spoken a word of exhortation or encouragement, led us to pray or sing over others, or given a song or word of prophecy.

The gifts and fruit of the Spirit are evident during the Abba worship experiences (1 Corinthians 12 and Galatians 5).  We are seeking a God who still speaks to us today individually and corporately.

Ways We Worship

  1. Instruments and singing
  2. Shouting God’s promises
  3. Singing a new song unto the Lord
  4. Singing in the Holy Spirit and tongues
  5. Waving flags and streamers
  6. Worship sign language
  7. Worship Dance
  8. Speaking prophetic words to individuals and the group
  9. Encouraging others
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